Artur Doshchyn

University of Oxford

Aside from my research, I am a keen teacher. I always strive to make sure that students can follow the material in real time, by interacting with the class and focusing on particularly challenging bits before moving on. My aspiration to teach well has paid off, as I received very encouraging feedback from students, with an average evaluation of 4.7 out of 5 across all courses for which evaluations were available, and also won several teaching awards.

MSc in Financial Economics, Saïd Business School and Department of Economics, University of Oxford

  • Economics (macro), Lecturer, 2021-

  • Maths Course, Lecturer, Fall 2019-

  • Economics, Teaching Assistant, 2016-2021

  • Maths Course, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2016-2018

MSc in Law and Finance, Saïd Business School and Department of Law, University of Oxford

  • First Principles of Financial Economics, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2019-2020

Undergraduate Tutoring, Worcester College, University of Oxford

  • Macroeconomics, Summer 2018

  • Game Theory, Summer 2018

Some of the comments in the evaluation surveys included:

  • "One of the best lecturers I have ever had."

  • "Artur's lecture is always extremeley clear, and he is clearly very knowledgeable about the concepts. He is attentive to our questions or confusion and can always provide examples to help explain difficult concepts. His lecture has plenty of mathematical derivation, but the way he delivers it is clear and easy to follow because he always emphasizes the bigger picture."

  • "Clearly structured, well presented, with a keen attitude to support us in our study, fabulous lecturer"

  • "Brilliant! Knows his stuff and knows how to get it across."

  • "By far the most engaged, involved and motivated TA (and professor too) out of everyone I have been taught by. Extremely engaged in his subject, gets to the very bottom of the material and is keen to help."

  • "The best support class in MFE. The support classes were excellent, the teacher explained complex material in a way that made it much easier to understand. Attending the classes greatly contributed to me being able to understand complex problems."