I am a Departmental Lecturer at the Department of Economics and a Junior Research Fellow at Linacre College, University of Oxford. 

My research interests lie at the intersection of Finance and Macroeconomics, focusing on financial stability, financial intermediation, credit booms and financial crises, as well as liquidity and asset pricing. One of the overarching themes of my research is striving to understand macro-finance phenomena through the lens of models of asymmetric information and agency problems in Finance. For example, in my most recent work I investigate how financial frictions force firms in emerging economies to rely excessively on short-term debt, which results in frequent crises and disruptions to long-term growth in these countries.

Please find my full CV here.

NEWS: I will be presenting my job market paper "Sinking ships: illiquidity and the predictability of returns on real assets in recessions" at 2023 EWMES in Manchester.